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FLETA USB Link V3.4B PC Program
FLETA SHR Program Card
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New SHR Firmware, FLETA SHR V3.4B
FLETA PRO V3 ESC firmware function added.

Previous power off button time was 200ms, New version`s power off button time 1000ms.

Press and hold the button to turn off the power (More than 1 second)

FLETA  PRO V3 Firmware Recommend
PRO V3 Modify V1.0 (Recommend all Modified Class/ Stock Boost Class / Drift)
PRO V3 Stock V1.0 (Recommend only for Blinky Stock Class)

USB Link V3.4 is required to update to SHR V3.00.
For V3.4 firmware visit
Support -> FLETA USB Link V3.1 You can use it after installing the attached file in the Pc program post.

Even if you are using the existing SHR V3.0, update to V3.0 again.

SHR V3.0 제품호환안내.jpg
FLETA_ESC_Firmware_Chart_SHR3.0 PC V3.4_230221.jpg