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EOS Rd2 2WD(Lee Marin) & 4WD(Joern Neumann) Win!!
2014/15 EURO OffRoad Series Rd2, Germany

2WD A-Main Result
1 : Lee Martin (Muchmore Racing)
4 : Jorn Neumann (Muchmore Racing)

EOS Rd2 2WD Winner Muchmore Racing Lee Martin.

Lee Martin's power source is FLETA PRO ESC, FLETA ZX 6.5T Motor.

4WD A-Main Result
1 : Jorn Neumann (Muchmore Racing)
2 : Lee Martin (Muchmore Racing)
4 : Robert Battle (Muchmore Racing)

IFMAR World Champion Robert Battle's Power source is Muchmore Racing FLETA PRO ESC, FLETA ZX Motoro, IMPACT Battery.

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Total 96
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36 2015 JMRCA Akio Sobue and Matsukura Naoto TQ & WIN, 2nd
35 EFRA 1/10th Electric Off-road European Championships
34 Marc Rheinard Win!! 2015 Reedy Race.
33 2014/2015 ETS Rd3 italy, Yannic Prumper Win!!!
32 The 2015 NeoX Double TQ & E-Buggy Win
31 2014/2015 EOS Rd3 Lee Martin Double Win!! (2WD & 4WD)
30 Marc Rheinard get 2014/2015 ETS Rd2, Germany
29 Swedish championship 1/12 On-Road Champion Niclas Nilsson
Muchmore Racing Dirver Niclas Nilsson used to FLETA 1S ESC & FLETA ZX 3.5 WC.
28 EOS Rd2 2WD(Lee Marin) & 4WD(Joern Neumann) Win!!
27 2014 IFMAR 1/12th Racing World Champion Marc Rheinard
New World champion Marc Rheinard with first 1/12th World champion Muchmore Racing Power system.
26 Ty Tessmann is the new 1:8 Offroad World Champion.
25 Tessmann wins epic US Nationals Buggy Final
24 Marc Rheinard takes victory at ETS Finale
23 Robert Batlle wins 1st round of Spanish 2WD nats
Robert Batlle wins 1st round of Spanish 2WD nats
22 2013/2014 ETS Round 3 Gran Canaria
Muchmore Racing Team Driver Adrian Berntsen Win. And many team drivers A-Main rank.
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