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ETS RD.3 Race report
2012.3.3~3.4 Gran Canaria, SPAIN
The first win Christophe​r Krapp ETS rd3.
Qualifying showed very stable and fast driving.
In particular, A-final first round to was a complete driving.
Christopher has Kyosho new TF-6 SP drive and Muchmore racing products were used.
Christophe​r Krapp’s favorite Muchmore Racing Product list : 
MM-CTXCL Cell Master Legend Charger
MM-CTXPL Power Master Legend 40A
PT-CTXW IC Controlled Tire Warmer Platinum
MR-LED Much More LED Light Stand Black
MR-LBS Light Weight Setup Board for 1/10, 1/12
MMS-## Muchmore Racing 100% Silicone Shock Oil
MR-SU30FAN Super Ultra High RPM Motor Cooling Fan 30mm
MR-HGK2 Luxury Aluminum Ride Height Gauge 2
Modified A-final result
1. Christopher Krapp (DE) – Kyosho/Orion/Muchmore
2. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray/ORCA
3. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya/Speed Passion/Muchmore
4. Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya/Thunder Power
 5. Andy Moore (GB) – Hot Bodies/HPI Flux/Muchmore
6. Eric Dankel (DE) – Yokomo/LRP
7. Chris Grainger (GB) – Schumacher/GM/Muchmore
8. Elliott Harper (GB) – Tamiya/Orion/Muchmore
9. Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix/Thunder Power
10. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo/LRP
Alexander Hagberg on the 2nd, Marc rheinard 3rd podium.
A-Final joined five Muchmore racing drivers.
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